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Braun Shaving Systems

Electric Foil shaving has never been more comfortable:

Syncro Action

Syncro System

Three Stage, Self Cleaning


  • 4-Way moving head: Oscillates to capture more hair in fewer strokes.
  • Pivots to follow the contours of face and neck.
  • Long-Hair trimmer for sideburns, moustache and beard.
  • Ultra speed motor 8500 rpm - Braun's best
Automatic Cleaning / Charging module
with models 7570 and 7526 only.
Pivoting Head  4-Way Action   60% lager holes

Integral Action

Flex Integral

Shaving System (5000 series)


  • 1. The first foil shaves short hairs and stubble.
  • 2. The integrated cutter trims longer, close lying hair.
Integral Pivot Action


  • Pivoting head follows the contours of your face.
  • Shaves even the difficult areas effectively.
  • 3. The second foil shaves them off cleanly.




Double Action Shaving System


  • 1. Combination shave- Foil and floating cutter combine to cleanly shave longer and curly hair.

  • 2. Foil only- Shaving without floating cutter.

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