Electric Shaver Repair Service / "Flat-Rate" pricing
We service Braun, Philips, Norelco electric shavers

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Electric Shaver repair service Canada USA
Electric Shaver Repair Service Canada - USA

Professional Electric Razor Repairs in 3 easy steps:

1. Print out Repair Order Form    Order form  Shaver Service Form
2. Complete form and properly package shaver
3. Send shaver to us (by Mail or Courier)

Important notice for US customers:
Fed Ex or US Postal Service is the best way to ship
Please mark the package "Defective shaver for repair".
Please declare a value of $10.00 only
(couriers apply a brokerage fee for shipments over $15.00 US)
If you do not declare a value of $10.00 US, we will have to
add the brokerage charge to the repair cost.

Here are a few things you may want to know:
  • The "Flat Rate" shaver repair charge includes all parts and labour.
    (including circuit boards & batteries).
  • Replacement heads, screen & cutters are not covered by the flat rate.
    They must be purchased separately.
  • Average turn around is 48 hrs from receipt of shaver
  • 90 day warranty on all repairs
  • Shavers will be thoroughly cleaned & lubricated
  • Free estimates will be provided for units not covered by flat rate
  • You will be notified promptly should parts required be on back order
  • We service: Braun, Philips, Norelco
Shaver Service Flat Rate Pricing (in US$)
Shipping charge to US by UPS ground US$ 9.95
Flat rate pricing does not apply to electric shavers that have been dropped or damaged
Shaver heads, Screens & Cutters are extra

Any model Norelco or Philips shaver
  Rechargeable shavers US$49.95
  Cord model shaversUS$34.95
BRAUN   Rechargeable shavers
  Includes replacement of a
  circuit board or the complete chassis
  Cord model shaversUS$34.95

Examples for Norelco / Philips rechargeable shavers
US orders: Total cost is US$ 59.90 (US$ 49.95 repair + US$ 9.95 shipping).

Send questions about our razor repair service to our Service Department: service@shavercentre.com

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