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Hair Clippers - Beard Trimmers - Body & Personal Grooming Kits

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If you need to trim your beard or clean up your haircut between barber visits, you can choose a good home quality trimmer such as the Braun BT5265 Beard Trimmer which has 39 precision length settings. The Philips BT5515 is a popular rechargeable beard trimmer with 40 length settings. The Panasonic ER-GB80 is a high quality trimmer designed to trim your beard as well as cutting your hair.

Body Groomers
When you need to trim body hair, you need one of the grooming kits: Braun's 11 in 1 AIO7420 Head to Toe grooming tool has several heads and combs one of which is sure to be perfect for your personal grooming needs. Panasonic's ER-GK80 Body Groomer has a wedge shaped head which is ideal for your groin area as well as full body grooming. The Philips BG5020 gives a full body shave and has an extra long handle for your back and shoulders. Nose and Ear trimmers are included in this category, with several models on offer.

Hair Clippers
The Remington HC4250 with it's extra-wide curved blade, is a very popular home kit for cutting your own hair. It easily pays for itself after just a few hair cuts. If you want to shave your head completely bald, Wahl's Balding Clipper "000000" no overlap surgical blade cuts to the skin. It does come with 2 guide combs but is specifically designed for full head balding. The Balding Clipper is one of our Best Sellers. The Wahl Cordless Designer Professional Salon quality cordless clipper is an effective tool if you want to do haircuts or trims for the family. The Wahl Peanut is a small, light, corded model which is also great for home haircuts and cleaning up between haircuts, very popular in the salons.

Hair Clipper and Trimmer Parts
We carry most of the guide combs and blades made available for the trimmers and clippers. The Wahl blades are good quality, made in the USA. If you are not sure which blades your trimmer or clipper needs, don't hesitate to give us a call or e-mail so we can ensure you receive the correct parts for your unit.

Beard Care Products
Our line-up of Urban Beard products includes Beard Oil for soft and healthy beard and skin; Beard Balm which conditions and has a medium hold; Beard Butter which moisturizes and tames unruly beards; their Shampoo Bar which cleanses leaving beard and face clean and soft; Cleansing Conditioner for soothing and calming your skin; and Wax for taming and shaping moustaches. We also carry a limited selection of scissors, brushes and combs.

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