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Panasonic WES-4L03 Cleaning Detergent Refill Pouches

Panasonic WES-4L03 Cleaning Detergent Refills
Panasonic WES-4L03 Cleaning Detergent Refills


Panasonic WES-4L03 cleaning solution refill pouches for Panasonic self-cleaning shavers with automatic Cleaning & Charging System. Value pack available: 5 x WES-4L03 = 15 Pouches.

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(5-Pack) Price: $99.95
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  • Special Detergent for Panasonic self-cleaning Shavers
  • Models: ES-LT7N, ES-LV95, ES-LV9N, ES-LV9Q
  • 1 package contains 3 refill pouches
  • 1 x WES-4L03 will last 3 months of daily cleaning
  • 5-Pack (15 Pouches) will last 15 months of daily cleaning
  • Hygienically cleans and lubricates your shaver
  • UPC: 88517016660

Panasonic WES-4L03 Special Detergent for Shaver Clean & Charging System