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Philips RQ12PRO Series 8000, Arcitec Shaving Heads

Philips RQ12 Pro Series 8000 Shaving Heads
Philips RQ12 Pro SensoTouch 3D Shaving Heads


Philips RQ12 Pro SensoTouch 3D, Arcitec shaving heads for shavers listed below. The original RQ12 Pro heads have been discontinued by Philips and the shaving heads replaced with the SH98. In order for these heads to attach to the older Philips SensoTouch and Arcitec shavers, a bottom frame assembly is required. You will be receiving the bottom frame as well as the SH98 shaving heads. These are genuine Philips parts, made in Holland.

Price: $119.95
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  • Philips RQ12 Pro shaving heads for Sensotouch 3D, Arcitec models
  • RQ12Pro - SensoTouch 3D:
    RQ1290cc, 1290x, RQ1280cc, RQ1280, RQ1260cc, RQ1260, RQ1250cc, RQ1250 & All "SensoTouch 3D" Model Shavers
  • Philips Arcitec:
    RQ1095, RQ1090, RQ1087, RQ1085, RQ1076, RQ1075, RQ1062, RQ1061, RQ1060, RQ1053, RQ1052, RQ1051, RQ1050 & All "Arcitec" Model Shavers
  • RQ12Pro is larger than RQ10 heads and will not fit in the cleaning centre or case.
  • Replaces RQ12
  • After bottom frame assembly has been replaced, order the SH98 only for head replacement
  • RQ12Pro - Package of SH98 Heads plus Bottom Frame Assembly
  • For best results, Philips recommends replacing the heads every 12 months

Philips RQ12 PRO SensoTouch 3D, Arcitec Replacement Shaving Heads